Welcome to getflashy.com

getFlashy.com is a team of freelancing fiends. These fiends come both individually and collectively from diverse backgrounds in: video, animation, creating commercial spots for the Times Square NASDAQ jumbotron + digital marquees about NYC, photography, project management, project documentation, CMS consulting and spec development, web/multimedia design, customized Facebook and Twitter pages, social media campaigns, SEO, cross branding, marketing, instructional design, creating copy, strategically writing copy for SEO, educational writing and course development, content review, quality assurance, content entry, training, and the list goes on.

We approach projects from the vantage point of viewing the brand, both in the "big picture" sense, and including the alignment of management's vision, company culture, and stakeholder images. By rooting all endeavors in a strong brand vision, these endeavors complement each other and work in concert to build and maintain a strong brand identity.

What does this really mean? We don't merely see your project as web design, we envision your entire web presence. We don't just make a Facebook page, we consider where this fits in with your brand, keeping continuity between all of your branding collateral, but moreover mapping the ownership of this page to your brand: Will this page reflect management's vision? Corporate culture? Monitoring feedback and interaction is a direct check on the pulse of your corporate image.

Our Recent Projects

Motion Graphics / Animation
We adapted print collateral for 30 second commercial spots for the 7-story NASDAQ tower in Times Square and for digital marquees downtown.

"Movies for Mutts" @ Palmer Vineyards
Video Short
Last Chance for Animals Rescue Fund held "Movies for Mutts" at Palmer Vineyards on the North Fork on Long Island. Our opening video short featured clips from a prior event. We opened for a screening of "Up."